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Dr. Veneeth Sidhartan

Dr. Veneeth Sidhartan



Dr.Veneeth.K.Sidharthan is a homoeopathic doctor who hails from a remote village in Thrissur district of Kerala and has grown to an international level by becoming one of the most sought after speaker on Homoeopathy globally, especially in Europe. He is an expert in handling pathologically grave diseases like Cancers and had produced consistent results. Homoeopathy, being, cost effective is a big boon to the suffering mankind, considering sky rocketing cost of treatment of Cancers. He has presented Evidence based talks on Cured Cancer cases around the globe, especially in London, Glasgow, Paris, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands to name a few. He has consistent results in other so called surgical diseases too.



Top Outstanding young person award -medical innovation category by JCI[ JUNIOR CHAMBER INTERNATIONAL ]India 2016








MD & chief consultant ,Care homeopathic clinic and research centre.Ethai,Engandiyur ,kerala, india

MD and chief consultant  Malabar institute of homeopathy Manchery,kerala ,india

Consultant and adviser -Sequence health care solutions Dubai, UAE  since 2009

Guide to PG HOM London , by Hahnemann college of homeopathy London

DIRECTOR –LITCHBLICK – an Indo-German consortium  for clinical psychology and homeopathy

Consultant to LARA- rehabilitation for Assaulted women BERLIN, Germany.

Visiting faculty – Royal London college of integrated medicine London

Faculty Indian homeopathic medical association

Treasurer Indian homeopathic medical association Thrissur chapter

Speaker British homeopathic congress Belfast, Ireland 2016.


Speaker lega medicorum homeopathic international {LMHI}-Paris 2014,

Speaker – british homeopathic congress , Glasgow –UK, 2014

Speaker –mental health conference – Bad Kronzen,Germany 2013

Conducting seminars for study groups in London,Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 2013.


As we all know that the cost of treatment especially of severe pathological diseases are sky rocketing. Moreover, many of the deep pathological diseases are only managed and not cured by allopathic medical science, that too after many months of strenuous treatment which makes the patients and their family drained – physically, emotionally and financially. The side effects of the medicines of these fatal diseases are crippling the patients. In such a background, Dr.Veneeth has used the good effects of Homoeopathic Science consistently in the most effective, harmless and cost effective way. The community service his practice is rendering is beyond any explanation.


He is representing India at various international seminars and Congress of Homoeopathy in UK, Germany, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland,  Netherlands etc. He is invited for Continued Medical Education classes and talks globally and he is presenting evidence based case studies making the name of his nation high among the global fraternity.


Homoeopathy, though started in Germany and grown in Europe, it is flourished in multitudes in India. Now, the confidence level of practitioners in Europe is less and Dr.Veneeth’s sessions are widely accepted as they are getting exposed to evidence based cured cases of deep pathological diseases. The effect of his papers are global and his services are priceless to suffering mankind globally.




Leadership is all about facing challenges head on and bouncing back from setbacks. Dr.Veneeth Sidharthan is a classical example or case study of how to bounce back in life. He dreamt of doing the Post Graduation in Homoeopathy from London in 2003. But, he was rejected by British embassy stating that he does not possess enough assets. Later, he went on to have roaring practice and cured severe pathological cases consistently that British Homoeopathic Congress invited him for a paper presentation on their expense in 2013. He was focused and bounced back royally after 10 years of dedication and commitment towards his science and his patients. Presently, he is MD & chief consultant ,Care homeopathic clinic and research centre since 2003,Consultant and adviser -Sequence health care solutions Dubai, UAE  since 2009, Consultant  to LARA-  rehabilitation for raped women ,BERLIN, Germany, Visiting faculty – Royal London college of homeopathy, Speaker lega medicorum homeopathic international  {LMHI}-Paris 2014, Speaker – british homeopathic congress , Glasgow –UK, Speaker –mental health conference – bad kronzen,Germany and Conducting seminars for study groups in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, since 2013. Speaker British homeopathic congress Belfast ,Ireland 2016.




Homoeopathy is a science which needs a facelift in the medical fraternity and society as a whole. It is a science which can provide solutions to millions of misery around the globe as far as health is concerned. As part of UNSDG programs, health and wellness is an important aspect or goal as far as JCI is concerned. Dr.Veneeth Sidharthan has committed his youth, ie., last 13 years towards the betterment of people’s health around the globe. He is 39 now, and has done a remarkable job leaving a huge impact on the global health and also his fellow homoeopaths especially youth. He has motivated many youth to pursue their own goals and dreams in the homoeopathic fraternity. In a world, where youth focuses on their personal pleasures and comforts, here is a doctor who is away from his family most of the days in a month, looking after patients all over the globe and also motivating his fellow homoeopaths showing consistent results in deep pathological cases like Cancers.