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Dr. Mahesh Mallappa

Dr. Mahesh Mallappa



Centre For Classical Homeopathy

Renowned as one of the most successful classical homeopaths worldwide, Dr Mahesh completed his graduation in Bangalore. He was influenced early by the work of Right Livelihood Awardee Dr Sudarshan and joined him in his work for the tribals of Karnataka. He worked at the state of the art hospital run in B R Hills by Karuna trust and gained his initial medical experience under stalwarts of medicine and surgery there. He then went on to do de addiction project for the tribals and also established a charitable homeopathic clinic at the foot of the hills. He consults every month there and is sought by people in the area, who are deprived of basic citizen amenities.

Expanding his work to many districts of Karnataka, he practiced in Chintamani, Sirsi, Gadag and other places. At the same time, understanding the need for evidence based medicine, he started documenting cases that were cured with homeopathic treatment. The focus of documentation being cases that were known to have little benefit from the mainstream medicine if at all, such as vitiligo, gangrene, autism, retardation etc. Autism was specially focused upon during his treatment of children at ASHA, an academy for autistic children.

He recognised the need to educate people on concepts of health and therefore took to propagate on media – both print and electronic. Numerous articles have appeared in leading magazines, written by eminent journalists, regarding his work. The Kannada magazine Life 360 did a cover feature chronicling his life and work. He appeared in many TV channels to talk as the expert on homeopathy.

In 2006, he established Centre for Classical Homeopathy, consolidating his work in one place.

He is a student of George Vithoulkas, a Right Livelihood Awardee and the greatest homeopath of our times. He has been teaching at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Greece since 2006. He is also the co ordinator for the E Learning program of the academy. He has been invited to teach classical homeopathy internationally including Mexico and Russia. Numerous homeopathic doctors, both Indian and foreign have sought classical homeopathic training under him.

He has published research articles in the peer reviewed scientific journals and continues to create scientific evidence for homeopathy.



Many citizen associations such as the Lions Club have felicitated him for his contribution to health care. The range of cases he has treated and documented is exhaustive – Gangrene, Autism, Global retardation, Cancer, Psychiatric disorders, Vitiligo, Psoriasis, rare genetic disorders, Asthma, Hypothyroidism, Renal failure, Allergies, Eczema, Hormonal imbalances, etc… These add up to over 20,000 cases so far.

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